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Siena and Monteriggioni trip

On Friday, October 30th we visited two cities on a one day-trip that was relatively new for FSU International Programs: a small walk along the Francigena route that pilgrims used in the 12th century going from Rome to Florence. We began in a little town called Abbadia a Isola where we started our three-kilometer pilgrimage.

The weather, which had been rainy the day before, was beautiful: clear and sunny, giving us a wonderful view of the vineyards and fields that we passed along the way. After the trek we reached the small, hillside town of Monteriggioni and walked along the ancient walls to experience the Sienese panoramic view. We also visited a small museum in which you could try on various pieces of armor and weaponry of the Middle Ages.

In the afternoon, our private bus took us into the city of Siena itself where we saw other historic churches and piazzas, as well as a display of contemporary art that consisted of colorful animal figures. We visited the museum Santa Maria della Scala and got to see a bit of the duomo as well before enjoying our ‘super-merenda’ of breads, meats, cheeses, and pizzas at a local restaurant. Whether it was the hike or all of the wonderful food, for some reason we promptly fell asleep on the bus ride home, making sure to get plenty of rest before our adventures on Halloween night the following evening!

-Samantha Gillen

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